RB-ART company deals with design, arrangement and finish of all interior utility. We carry out our design, renovation-construction and installation work in Poland and Europe. Our experience and comprehensive approach to make all of the projects makes us valued for the timeliness and quality workmanship, high standards of work, knowledge and outstanding commitment. We have specialized construction workers who wholeheartedly undertake the tasks placed before them. Among most of our investments are shops, commercial premises, offices, shopping centers, clinics, banks, hotels, houses, wedding, etc. The company provides standard and custom designs, taking into account the innovative solutions at every stage of the work, and our customers can count on a comprehensive service – complete the task from the design phase to finishing and assembly of equipment.

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We provide our Clients:

technical advice at every step of the way

costing, pricing, process optimization

comprehensive implementation of the construction process

comprehensive reconstruction and modernization of facilities

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